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Digital Media Northwest, LLC
14 N. Mission St.
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(We are on the 2nd floor of the Wenatchee World Building) 

Russ Alman, CEO & Visionary in Chief, Alternative Marketing Connections

Russ Alman
CEO/Visionary in Chief

Personal Blog:

Russ Alman has been involved with computers and technology for nearly 30 years. After receiving his BA in communications from Western Michigan University and his masters degree in telecommunications from Michigan State University, Russ pursued a career as a Macintosh computer consultant, providing on-site computer support for small businesses and home users.

As part of his consulting business, Russ built websites and designed marketing and contact databases. He built his first website for his own company in 1996, and soon after began teaching internet courses at a community college in Eugene, Oregon.

Despite his tendency to be on the bleeding edge of technology, Russ was skeptical about the social media. It was not until he joined Facebook in 2008 that he was convinced social media were here to stay.

Russ has spent the last two years learning how to use the social media as a business networking tool. He's also become proficient at developing websites using Web 2.0 technologies, including CMS engines like Joomla! and WordPress, and developing methods to integrate these websites with the social media.

The combination of these tools, plus his years of experience building small businesses through referrals and word of mouth marketing, give us a unique skill set for developing social media campaigns and social media friendly websites

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